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Pilates and Functional Fitness Training
Bridging the gap between healthcare providers and those seeking to improve function and preserve their health

Client Testimonials

It's simple really: Patty Lyons provides the best fitness services available, especially for those over the age of forty. Her approach to fitness is both comprehensive and customized to suit each individual's current physical condition and particular needs and wants. Patty's primary focus is providing fitness regimes designed to help individuals maximize their current level of physical fitness and to maintain that same level of fitness as they age. Patty's focused attention on "form" while performing exercises has huge payoffs for her clients. I have been under Patty's direction since I first saw the care with which she directed another of her clients some fifteen years ago; because of Patty, my current physical condition and abilities are quite noticeably better than any of my contemporaries.

- John R

Should you wish to improve and preserve your health and function, contact Patty Lyons immediately! You will be fortunate, as I have been, to work with Patty. By seeing her on a regular basis she has not only kept me fit, but she has helped me rehab after neck surgery and after a broken ankle, and has helped me defer hip replacement due to osteoarthritis.

Patty brings an amazing set of skill and talents to her work that contribute to her being an exceptional health professional and person. She combines technical knowledge with patience, sensitivity, dedication to the well-being of her clients, and her sense of humor is wonderful! Not only does Patty customize the work based on each individual client's needs, every session is different. Patty prepares and she cares!

- Judith C